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  1. Jess Edge says:

    My Grandad was truly amazing. Such a character, always had such good stories to tell and always making us smile and laugh with his funny and cranky dances etc..
    I have such brilliant memories with him and will never ever forget him as long as I live, he had such an impact on each and every one of our lives as a family. I cant explain how I am feeling right now but one thing I know is how much I adore and miss him and things will never bee the same.
    Our lives have changed forever in losing the cranky old man! :) but he will be forever in my heart and memories.
    Miss and love him so so so very much and we will be giving him the best send off ever, just the way he’d like it x
    Rest in perfect peace Grand love you lots forever and always.
    Until we meet again..
    Love ‘Jessy’ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. ldouglas says:

    Jed was a very good friend of my late fathers and all of my family, he was devastated when my Dad died as he was one of his fishing partners, and helped with Jed’s animals for years from tarantulas to piranhas and snakes. I remember he gave me a lift one day and there were scorpions in a bag by my feet lol , he was unique and our hearts go out to his son’s and wife. if there is a heaven he will be up there now with my dad Ray fishing and chatting RIP Jed xxx

  3. jacappleby says:

    As my sister (ldouglas) has said, he was such a good friend and a big character in our lives. He and Dad were like something out of an old wild west film. So many adventures, so many memories. I’m so sad for his family and for my own loss. I’ll miss you mate XXXXX Jacqui

  4. Krissi says:

    Jed was a friend of mine- and my son’s too we had a great time chatting and listening to his stories when he had his lurcher- who sadly died many years back, he will be much missed and am so sad for his family and his other friends RIP Jed we’ll miss you XXX

  5. Mikstyx says:

    My Dad introduced me to Jed, he used to come and stay at a caravan park near us in the summer months. Jed always had a story to tell and he kept us laughing. Jed and I won best stall one year for our walking sticks at a country show we did together with my Dad. He always had a way with words, he’s favourite way to make you smile for a picture was to swear instead of saying cheese! RIP Jed miss you loads xx

  6. christine Brown says:

    Did you know Jed also supplied a snake for the duran duran video wild boys. We have many storeies ,like when he got bitten by one of his piranhas or when his lizard called Houdini use to get out. Our lives are richer for knowing Jed. Our hearts are brocken. His knowlege, his kindness but most of all the man that was everyone’s friend will be missed more than words can say.

  7. M.Hunter says:

    Jed was a wonderful man who had time in his life for so many people,when I was lad he spent hours with me teaching me how to tie flys on hooks for fly fishing.I used to spent hours in his garage full of snakes lizards and he always made time for teaching me the wonders of the world.
    Shame I hadn’t seen him for many years but real fond memory’s of him will last for ever.

  8. Lee Evans says:

    I first met Jed maybe in the late 80s when I was in my very early teens, I have been fishing the wandle since 1987, Jed was always down the wandle fishing or helping kids to fish, we became good mates just before morden hall angling club started up, he gave me a full tour of the wandle, we fished together many times & he showed me some cracking spots on the wandle, we had great chats at his flat on cold winters nights & he would often ring me up & give me advice while I was fishing even in 2009 when I moved to Dorset but I always visited Jed when I came back up. I loved the way he always took the piss & had a laugh with me & Tom, I had some great times with Jed & will never forget him. The wandle will never be the same. RIP you old bugger ! Lee Evans

  9. Steve Dedman says:

    Jed was a good friend, we always had something to laugh about when were together.

    There will never be a dull moment in Heaven now that Jed has arrived.

  10. Ellie main . age 11 says:

    I met Jed through my dad Tom. He gave and taught me things you could never imagine and memories I will never forget. I loved Jed with all my heart and he was my best buddy. Miss you Jed. Love Ellie xxxxxxxxx

  11. chris says:

    I only met jed twice through my brother in law tom main,but on both occassions he left a big impression on me.Our short time spent together fishing the wandle gave me a new enthusiasam for fishing.Jed gave me a few tips on the float which helped me to catch my first chub !!…A great character with a real love of life.Take care mate !!!.P.S jean & i promise to look after your little friend nellie with love & commitment x.Chris.

  12. Lee Brewer says:

    My dad has been friends with jed since my mum was pregant with me 45 years ago, so I have had the pleasure of some of the greatest memorys of jed growing up. I fondly remember camping at Normans Bay, as big groups of us would have sports days and all the kids would go fishing, I tasted my first cooked eel that jed caught he got us all to try. The roars of laughter we all had together it was like a big adventure. All my life dad would ring me on a regular basis to tell me what him and jed had been up to and often I would be in fits. So in turn I have been telling jeds stories to my family and friends all my life and he will be dearly missed esspecially by my dad x

  13. Ron Brewer says:

    A gentleman, and a dear friend for many years, life was richer when you were with us.
    will always remember you with a smile on my face.

  14. linda & james harvey says:

    thinking of you all today x happy memories x

  15. gary says:

    jed’s the best man i ever known or ever going to know he ‘s the kindest & patient if he knew you needed new eyes he would give you his we shouldent feel sad jed’s not with us anymore i feel sorry for people that never knew jed because he could make people happy & never would look down on anyone it didnt matter what you had or didnt have jed liked everyone i will miss you jed im just sorry i never knew you longer 10 years is all i knew you i could know you for 100 years & that wouldnt long enough jeds family should feel proud, happy, & lucky to have had jed in there lives i only saw jed once a year for 3 days at the woodfair i wish those days could last forever all the best jed i love you mate from your pal gary

  16. kymm sandum says:

    Jed,you were a one off mate. you leave a hole that no one else can ever fill! thank you for the laughs and the good times. xx

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